Thursday, March 14, 2019

Largest Flying RC Aircraft Toys

Largest Flying Radio Controlled Aircraft Toys

Here Are Top 10 SuperSized RC Aircraft Models

Largest Aircraft Toys

Biggest Coolest WhoopAss RC Aircraft Toys Money Can Buy

While Tiny Whoop RC models are a lot of fun to fly. These super sized models are on the opposite spectrum. And these are ten of the largest RC models ever built.

Seeing the scale and realism of these planes, jets and helicopters is incredible. Watching them taking off, maneuvering in the sky and landing is even more awe inspiring.

Here are the largest RC Aircraft Toys flying our friendly skies. Some of these Supersize RC Toys cost $15,000 and more.

Top 10 Largest RC Aircraft Toys in the world

Watch this Video for more details and to see them fly.


2. SR-71 Blackbird

3. Antonov-AN225

4. Sukhoi SU-27

5. Kalinin K-7

6. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

7. Mil MI-24 HIND


9. CH-113 Labrador

10. Boeing 747

For Something a lot more affordable and just as much fun to fly, check out these FPV Tiny Whoops!

BONUS Video - GIANT 1:6 scale Radio Controlled (RC) Lockheed SUPER CONSTELLATION TWA 'Star of America' AIRLINER


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