Saturday, October 6, 2018

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The drone market is expected to be a billion dollar industry over the next few years!

In the last few years, consumer radio controlled drones exploded from a niche product found only in hobby stores, to something that can now be found in the electronics section of your local Walmart and other major department stores.

Drones have become mass produced and the prices have fallen dramatically. Now anyone for well under a hundred dollars can easily find a fun and easy to fly drone, that is still well built and will last for a long time and provide many hours of entertainment.

One such drone that is sweeping the drone community by storm is the Blade Inductrix. It comes in several variants and can be found with or without a camera built in. Their  FPV and Blade Inductrix Pro model come with a camera already installed onboard. The Inductrix is a drone that you can very easily fly indoors and will make drone simulators seem like a thing of the past. And flying these tiny drone will also greatly enhance your flying skills with other type of RC aircraft.

Inductrix Tiny Whoops

If you have ever bought a cheap or even expensive quadcopter drone in the past and had trouble learning to fly, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these bad boys and you will soon have the most fun you ever had flying a drone.

The Inductrix flies really well especially indoors and even outdoors when the wind is mild.

Here are some really great mods for the Blade Inductrix that will help increase flight time

If you already have a DSMX capable Radio, you can buy a bind and fly version and first learn to fly it line of sight without a camera. This recommended for new drone pilots. It will help you learn some valuable flight control skills which will keep you out of trouble when you decide go FPV mode.

Mods are plentiful so you can even add lighter canopy and buy higher end Fatshark FPV goggles should you ever want to get into super fun and exciting world of FPV. And along with other tweaks like higher performance batteries, better battery connectors and motors this can be a super fun hobby.

FPV stands for first person view and this is like sitting in the cockpit of your drone. A small video monitor which is attached to your drone transmits the video feed to FPV Goggles you wear and it gives you a birds eye few while you are buzzing through your home or flying around outside. Many first time users tend to get a little air sick while using these at first if standing. And this is less noticeable if you sit down, with your back against a wall. This will give you the best FPV experience when you first start flying FPV Tiny Whoops and larger Drones.

Because these tiny quads are so easy to fly, you will soon master the basics and become a very competent drone pilot. It's so much better to learn how to master a $50 Blade Inductrix, before dropping almost $2K on a DJI Mavic Pro 2 camera drone.

Flight Time

The biggest let down for these tiny drones is flight time. Unlike the large drones which can stay airborne for 30 minutes or more. Battery life on Tiny Whoops are much shorter. By modifying power connectors and using larger batteries, many owners have increased flight times to over 5 minutes. Be sure to have plenty of batteries and allow the motors time to cool between flights for maximize life and you will yourself a blast with your tiny whoop.

Own an Inductix or Tiny Whoop Drone?  Please share what you have you done to make yours better...


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