Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fix Short Inductrix Flight Time With Resistor Mod

Use this simple tip to restore your Blade Inductrix flight time like when it was new.

If you are suffering from shorter and shorter flight times from your Inductrix quadcopter drone, you are not alone. Many other micro drone pilots that bought a Blade Inductrix with or without the FPV camera are experiencing the same problem.

Even when brand new 3 to 4 minutes is pretty much what you can expect on a standard 150mAh or 200mAh battery. When you are having a blast flying your Tiny Whoop, even this seems way to short. These flight times are nowhere as long as some of the larger sized drones which depending on the model can fly 20 to 30 minutes or longer.

If you read our last battery connector tip, we talked about removing the gripper sleeve battery connector and replacing it with a new lighter 2Pin 15cm Micro JST Molex Picoblade 1.25mm Female Connector. These mods take it even a step further and will squeeze even more flight time out of your battery.

Fix Your Inductrix Shorter Flight Times With The Resistor Mod

Fix Blade Inductrix short flight times

Unhappy with my ever decreasing flight times on my non FPV and also FPV models I purchased a handful of aftermarket Micro JST power connectors.

I examined both the new connector and the old connector to determine what the difference was. First of all the new connectors are missing the glued on gripper sleeve which eliminated any potential for not fitting into the battery far enough. We covered this in part one.

Other than the special sleeve that Blade glued onto their connectors, the Micro JST connectors looked virtually identical in size and shape.

Like we mentioned in our last post these tiny connectors while being light, are only good for about 30 insertions. After that they start getting loose and sloppy. You will notice improved flight times by replacing this connector.

Right off the bat I noticed the new connector was bright and shiny, compared to the old one which had a dull finish. After replacing the Blade connector my flight time went 2 minutes and increased back to almost 3 minutes.

At some point, you may decide to replace your Micro JST 1.25 3 pin connector and batteries with a larger and better JST 2.0 PH 2P connector. Which will add even more flight time to your Blade Inductrix.

The Inductrix FC Resistor Mod

Someone discovered that by soldering another resistor in parallel, it actually fools the flight controller to wait a little longer until it shuts down your micro quad.

First check if your battery is more than 80% of the rated mAh. If it is more than 80% this mode should help lower your charge capacity to a still safe level and increase your flight time.

Props Blade Mod

Some Inductrix owners have reduced the number of blades in their props from 4 to 3 and even 2 and this has increased flight time.  If you want to try this, just cut two blades from your prop, and be sure to orient them the correct way when you reinstall them.

Another option is to buy 3 blade props instead. Like these from Crazypony which also include a handy prop removal tool.

What will you notice,  when switching from 4 blade to 2 blade props?

Four blade props will create thrust drops when you descend and then ascend very fast. This puts a greater load on the motors. This is less noticeable with twin blade props but it won't have as smooth or consistent cruising thrust. The best of both worlds my be the three bade props and they will give you a little longer flights.

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