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Best Inductrix Tiny Whoop Drone Mods

Upgrading your motors on a Blade Inductrix with or without a FPV Camera will give you much better control!

Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop Mods

If your Blade Inductrix lacks extra zip and punch during maneuvers, doing a motor mod may be just what the doctor ordered.

Stock Inductrix drones can feel painfully slow once you learn how to fly. This is even more noticeable when you're flying outside. Forget about flying your Inductrix when it's windy, the stock motors lack the power you need to overcome more than a slight breeze.

At some point you will want to replace your motors. Blade uses a brushed motor in their tiny whoops. At this time, it's still hard to find brushless motors in the 6mm X 15mm size.

Choosing the right motor can mean the difference between smoother, faster and more precise vibration free performance. It may even squeeze a little extra flight time from your batteries.

Choose the wrong motor and your flight times will suffer. Or, your Inductrix flight controller may not be compatible and your little whoop will fly worse than it did before.

High Performance Battery Mod

Before we look at different motor choices, let's touch on batteries.
Some motors require more power and this can start shaving off time from your flights. You can compensate for this by adding a more powerful battery. 

The highly rated TATTU 220mAh 3.7V 25C batteries will give you the same or longer flight time than stock 200mAh batteries with a motor upgrade. You can get larger batteries but then this also add more weight. With these tiny quads every extra gram can make a difference in flight time and performance.

Blade Inductrix Motor Mod
We have used these batteries in both the FPV Inductrix, FPV Pro and also the plain Inductrix without a camera that comes with a smaller150mAh battery that weighs 4.15 grams. These batteries weigh 6 grams but added a lot more flight time. They still fly great in the non FPV Inductrix Tiny Whoop. Considering this entire drone weighs 19 grams. Adding an even larger heavier battery will begin to have a noticeable effect on flight performance.

Once you add faster motors and higher capacity batteries, you will gain better performance at the same or even longer flight times. You will really notice the difference when going from a 150mAh or 200mAh battery to a more powerful battery along with upgrading to a faster motors.


There are tons of motors and mods available for Tiny Whoops. These mods will give you the best bang for your bucks. Your tiny quad will fly better, faster and even longer with these mods.
OEM Slowest Motors
Only buy these motors if you are  replacing a single broken motor. These motors are way too expensive otherwise and much better, longer lasting motors are available for much less money. Blade Drones use two clockwise and two counter clockwise motors. Buy on on Amazon: Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
0615-11 11Kv Medium Performance Motors
Slightly better performance than OEM with a little longer battery life using a 220mAh mylipo. Best for indoor flight. *Wires are opposite from Blade motors. Clockwise: red +, blue - Counter clockwise: white +, black - See drawing below.
Buy it from Micro Motor Warehouse
0615-14 14Kv Fast Motors
These coreless motors give you the same flight time as stock with much better performance using a 205mAh mylipo. *Wires are opposite from Blade motors. CW: red +, blue - CCW: white +, black - See drawing below.
Buy it from Micro Motor Warehouse
CrazePony 17.5Kv Faster Motors
Special Sauce Edition - This is about as fast as you want to go with the stock flight controller. Get ready for some insane outdoor flying with these motors. Be sure to let them cool 20 to 30 minutes between flights. CW Motor(Red Blue), CCW Motor(Black White). Buy it from Amazon
Luminere Purple Chrome 17 kv Motors
Bump up the performance a couple notches on your yellow FPV Inductrix with these batteries. Plus you won't be reducing your flight time as much if you used faster motors. Buy them from Amazon
Rakonheli JST 2.0 HV Connectors
Increase flight times from stock batteries. A must have with FPV cameras or higher performance motor upgrades. Higher quality cable. Buy them from Amazon
BETAFPV 8x20mm 15000KV Brushed Motors
Set of replacement motors for the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. These use a special JST 1.25 Battery Connector so they are just for the Plus model. Buy them from Amazon
Rakonheli JST 2.0 HV Connectors
Increase flight times from stock batteries. A must have with FPV cameras or higher performance motor upgrades. Higher quality cable. Buy them from Amazon
ApexRC 14.8 Kv Fast Motors
This is a good for beginners to intermediate level flyers. Flight time, power, and life expectancy is all good. *Wires also reversed from OEM motors. Buy them from Amazon
300mAh HV 1S Lipo Battery 30C 3.8V JST 2.0 Batteries
Increase flight times over stock batteries with more power. These are a must have with FPV cameras or higher performance motor upgrades. Buy them from Amazon
Crazepony 230mAh Batteries
If you crave even longer flight time, consider upgrading your Blade Inductrix to a even higher performance HV 1S Lipo Battery 30C 3.8V battery. This battery uses a JST-PH 2.0 Connector and it requires soldering in a higher quality battery connector to your flight controller. This will give you the ultimate in extreme performance and work great with 3-blade props. Buy them from Amazon
Tiny Whoop Reinforced Original Frame
The original frame is still one of the most forgiving and lightest frames on the market. This is the same frame and it is reinforced at key areas with a strong adhesive. It will add very little weight and make your frame stronger than ever.
Buy it from Tiny Whoop
Mullet Mod - Lighter Canopy For FPV Inductrix
If you love the look of the Yellow FPV model, but hate how the extra wight shaves time off of your flight times you will want to do this mod. This will require a slight modification to the Quantum Elite VTX Micro Cam to fit this cooler lighter canopy. But the end result is worth it.
Buy it from Tiny Whoop
RakonHeli 3 Blade Props
Besides batteries and faster motors, this is one of single most noticeable improvement that one can make to your Inductrix. 2CW+2CCW; 0.8mm Shaft. Less vibration than two blade props.
Buy them from Amazon
CNC Frame Stiffener
This CNC 3K Pure Carbon Fiber frame stiffener is very handy when first learning to fly and you crash a lot. It's not needed for the Pro model but is more useful for the yellow Inductrix FPV. Once your skills have improved, take it off and shed the weight. Your drone training wheel days are over.
Buy it from Amazon 
Hard Case - Protect your Tiny Whoops
You spent a lot of time modding and tweaking your Tiny Whoops to where they run like a Swiss watch. Now you want to protect them from getting damaged with a nice hard shell padded case. It has enough room for two of your favorite Tiny Whoops and a ton of batteries.
Learn more

Motor and Propeller Replacement Tips

Nothing will screw up your tiny quad faster than getting the motors or propellers in the wrong position. Two turn clockwise, and two turn counter clockwise. Study the images closely below. Blade uses different colors for their motor wires than almost every aftermarket motor. So be sure to follow the drawing and put the motors in opposite positions.  This photo shows the blade factory motors installed. Tags show the colors of the wires of how the aftermarket motors should be installed.

Inductrix Carbon Fiber Frame Stiffener and Frame by RakonHeli

Propeller Direction

This photo below shows which direction the props should rotate and how they should be orientated. Place them in the wrong position and your Blade Inductrix will try to drive itself into the ground rather than fly.

Frame Mods

If you own the Red or yellow FPV Inductrix, you could benefit by a reinforced frame. The black Pro already has a stronger reinforced frame. 

While there are many aftermarket frames you have to be careful, some frames add additional weight and don't offer that much more strength. Some made from exotic materials tend to bend.

The original Blade Inductrix frame is still one of the best. A better one is sold by Tiny Whoop. This frame is reinforced at key points to make the frame stronger than stock adding only a  .003 gram of extra weight. They use the same clear adhesive welder product they sell to repair frames.  It's only a couple of dollars more than the stock frame and well worth it should you need to replace your frame.

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That's about it for now, please be sure to bookmark and share this page. We will keep adding more Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop mods.


  1. Not long ago I upgraded the motors of my DJI quadcopter and the results were amazing; better control, including take-offs and landing. I am even thinking of doing mapping of my backyard. I also found others uses for my newly improved drone here: http://mydronelab.com/blog/drone-uses.html

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