Friday, September 7, 2018

Inductrix Plus Pro Flys 10X better

This Inductrix Tiny Whoop Rocks 

When you take the Blade Inductrix Pro Betaflight Flight Controller, add it to a Beta 75s Inductrix Plus Frame you end up with an Inductrix Plus Pro that is more powerful and flies 10X better.

After finding the Inductrix Pro a little too small for flying outdoors, we decided to do a custom build which is like an Inductrix FPV Plus on steroids.

Pretty much every Blade Tiny Whoop we've ever owned did not stay in it's stock form very long. They were quickly outfitted with stronger frames, higher amp rated battery connectors and stronger batteries. Along with faster motors and often different props.

When we were done, we ended up with a better performing drone that flew many times nicer than what we started with out of the box.

We love flying outdoors, and coming from RC planes and collective pitch helicopters we find flying small quadcopter drones fast by line of sight helps improve our skills and is much harder to do than using FPV goggles alone. It's also a whole lot more fun whipping your drone across the sky than using an RC Drone Flight Simulator on a PC.

For outdoor flying, the Blade Inductrix FPV Pro is just a little too small yet we really love the way it flies. Even more so with upgraded motors and the Betaflight controller dialed in using these Radio settings. The Inductrix Plus is a little larger which makes it that much easier to see.

Rather than buying another Inductrix FPV Plus and throwing pretty much everything away we decided to build a highly modified version using a Pro FC and then upgrading almost everything on the FPV Plus from the start.

This included more powerful GNB 600mAh 1S 3.7V 50C with JST-PH 2.0 connector LiPo batteries, a Betaflight Pro Flight Controller, a stronger Beta 75s frame, faster 8.5X20mm 15000KV brushed motors and red Rakonheli 4 blade props.

Plus we added an upgraded TBS PH2.0 PowerWhoop Battery Connector, a Black Carbon Inductrix FPV Plus canopy and Blade FPV Plus Camera.

A full parts list along with links on where you can buy them all on eBay and a full list with quick links is provided at the end of this article.

One other thing we liked about using the Pro FC controller in both our Inductrix FPV Pro and our custom Inductrix FPV Plus Pro is we can use the same exact radio settings for both models which makes it easy. For the radio settings we used on both the Pro and Plus Pro Click here.

We just finished our build and it is the best flying Blade Inductrix yet. It flies like it's on rails, hoovers perfectly and has plenty of power for outdoor flying even in light wind.

We can't claim credit for this idea, rather we built it after watching this YouTube Video and then researching popular Inductrix FPV Plus upgrades to make it even better.

While we don't have turtle mode or meow mode with the Pro FC, it's a small price to pay really for the upgraded performance over a stock Inductrix FPV Plus.

This is now our favorite and best flying Tiny Whoop yet!

Blade Inductrix Plus Pro Build Parts List

Batteries - GNB 600mAh 1S 3.7V 50C  LiPo with JST-PH 2.0 connector
FC - Blade Betaflight Pro Flight Controller
Frame  - Beta 75s Frame (Much Stronger than stock frame)
Motors - Faster 8.5X20mm 15000KV brushed motors
Props - 4 Red Rakonheli 4 blade props (Smoother than 3 Blade)
Battery Connector -  TBS PH2.0 PowerWhoop (Provides Max Current to Motors)
Canopy - Rakonheli Blade Inductrix Black Carbon Canopy (Looks Cool)
Camera - Blade  FPV Plus 25mW BLH9606 Camera (Optional)

If you have replaced motors, and props building this is easy. The hardest part was soldering on the new battery connector. Remove the old white silicone caulk from the FC by using a spudger stick carefully scraping it off.

When done soldering on your new battery connectors, be sure to check the two solder pads with an Ohm meter to make sure you did not create a solder bridge which would short out your FC board. They should not be touching. If you accidentally splattered a little solder across them you can use a razor blade to carefully break the bond.

No extra tuning in betaflight is needed. And if your Inductrix Pro is already set up to fly, using the same settings the FPV Plus Pro will fly rock solid. Radio settings are here if you need them.

Be careful to orientate the motor direction and props in the right direction. Two are Clockwise and two are Counter-Clockwise. If your Whoop won't lift off the ground or corkscrews reorient your motors or props.


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