Friday, December 29, 2017

BETAFPV Micro Whoop Drone Storage Hard Case

BETAFPV Micro Whoop Best 65mm 75mm FPV Drone Hard Shell Case

Protect your Tiny Whoop Drones with A Durable Case

Safely Transport Your Tiny Whoops with a Nice Quality Hard Case

The BETAFPV Micro Whoop hard shell case is the perfect way to store, transport and protect 2 of your favorite tiny whoops. It is one of the nicest affordable cases on the market. It is features a very durable outer layer and soft foam on the inside to protect you tiny drones from damage.

Unlike other lower cost cases, this case is still affordable and also features a nice lock to keep your small children or pets from using your Tiny Whoops as chew toys.

Case measures 220mm/8.66", 100mm/3.95", and 170mm/6.69"

This case will easily fit and protect 2 small FPV drones measuring 65mm or 75mm plus have extra room for up to 36 batteries. This case is not large enough to protect standard size radio transmitter unless it is one of the inexpensive type that typically comes with Blade Bind-N-Fly models.

For a nice protective case for your expensive Radio Transmitter, these cases will work better.


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