Monday, December 4, 2017

Best Tiny Drones With Cameras

Tiny drones with cameras are one of the hottest things right now in the RC world. The FPV Tiny Whoop trend started to become crazy popular during mandatory FAA Drone registration for larger drones over 8 ounces. This is no longer in effect after a recent court victory. You can read more about this here.

Just starting out with drones? A Tiny Whoop like the Blade Inductrix is a great way to learn how to fly without risking a large investment in cash in case you crash. These miniature drones will teach you all the basics of FPV and line of sight flying. In fact, they are really one of the easiest RC aircraft to learn how to fly. When it comes time mod, and you will want to mod them with a few aftermarket parts to greatly maximize performance.

You can fly these small drones easily inside your house and really improve your RC pilot skills. Even outside when the weather is nice and there isn't a lot of wind tiny drones are a ton of fun to fly. The Tiny Whoop has pretty much replaced our fight simulator because flying the real thing is just way more fun.

Tiny Whoops are built super strong and with their ducted propellers so they can take plenty of abuse as well. You will spend way more time flying than fixing your drone. Plus they are very quiet and safe so you won't disturb or injure family members or pets by flying them indoors. If you fly RC planes, flying a drone will help your enhance your skills with radio controlled planes and also with RC helicopters as well.

The biggest disappointment about these tiny drone is their flight time is not as long as the larger drones. Batteries typically last for only three or four minutes. But this is easily overcome by having a couple of spares or getting some more powerful batteries to use instead.

Warning, tiny drones can be addicting, so don't be surprised if you find you will have collected several of these before you know it.

Best Tiny Whoop Camera Drone

Our favorite is the Blade Inductrix Pro if you want to do FPV flying. If is built on a little more durable frame than the yellow Inductrix FPV. It only costs just a little more and is a little lighter and uses more powerful motors.

Many Inductrix drone owners, end up replacing their battery connector after about twenty flights because they start noticing their flight time dropping. Here are a few Inductrix mods you can do that will keep you from having to use your skills to solder a new connector to the tiny flight controller.

Best Micro Camera Drones Blade Inductrix FPV Pro

Blade Inductrix FPV Pro
 - Great for learning basic controls and line of sight or FPV flying.
 - Blast to fly indoors or outside.
 - Durable construction and not much to break. Frames on this drone are reinforced and stronger than their other two models so they will take constant pounding but the frame only costs $8 should you need to replace one.
 - Props are protected so safe to fly anywhere and you almost never damage props.

Here is a great little case that will protect your tiny whoop and hold up to 6 batteries, your USB charger and more.

Best Mods for Tiny Drones with FPV Cameras

  • Batteries
If you buy any of the tiny Whoops you will soon wish for more flight time. Buying larger batteries than the 200 mAh which are standard with the FPV Inductrix Pro  will help give a little more flight time and more performance from your camera drone.

Some of the more popular ones come in sizes of 230 mAh, 250 mAh and are sold by Power Hobby on eBay. These batteries will typically last much longer than your motors which can also be upgraded with faster, higher performance motors as well.

  • Motors
High performance motors can make a huge difference in performance and add zip to your tiny drone. Upgrade your motors and you will notice much quicker response and handling. Make sure you don't exceed your flight controller's capability. These 17500KV motors will work fine with they yellow stock Inductrix flight controller. Any faster and you can cause unwanted vibration and you would need to step up to an Inductrix Pro model with its advanced flight controller to take full advantage of these even higher performance Apex 19600KV motors.

Tiny drones with cameras are becoming very popular. Transform your tiny camera drone from mild to wild with just a few simple upgrades and maximize your fun factor many times over.

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