Thursday, July 20, 2017

Put Your Drone Videos On A Roku Channel

Have a large collection of amazing drone video clips?

Add your drone videos to your own private Roku channel

Drone and digital camera technology has advanced so much in the last few years. It is now possible to take amazing aerial movies for less money than what a half way decent digital camera used to cost.

Camera drones from DJI are rock solid and the camera on the DJI  Mavic Pro is capable of shooting stunning  4K UHD videos.

DJI Mavic Pro drones have become so powerful, they can fly up to 40mph and can run up to 27 minutes on a battery and have a working range of 4.3 miles or 7km.

Once you have a pile of cool drone videos, why not share them with your friends, family and the world by building your own Roku channel.

Building a Roku channel is not really all that hard. If you are good with computers, you can easily sit down and build your own private channel in a few hours. Then updating or adding new videos to your Roku channel is as easy as uploading them and editing a XML file with a text editor.

If you want to share your channel with a wider audience, you can even upload it to Roku as a public channel. You won't have many other's competing with you for viewers as there are not many drone channels on Roku.

Here is an easy Step-by-Step Guide To Build A Roku Channel


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