Monday, July 17, 2017

FPV Inductrix Rocket with 17,000 Motors

Turn your FPV Blade Inductrix into a Rocket with these 17,000Kv Faster Motors

Adding new faster motors is one of the best mods you can do to get more performance from your Blade Inductrix FPV Micro Quad

The standard motors that come with the Inductrix vary on which model you have.

Red Inductctix without a camera uses 11,000Kv motors. While great for indoor slow mellow flying, these motors soon feel downright sluggish if flying line of sight outdoors. Especially if there is the slightest breeze. For this model using 14,000Kv motors is a nice upgrade for outdoor flying.

Yellow Inductrix FPV with a camera uses 14,000Kv motors. The board used on this micro quad will not support motors faster than 18,000Kv. If you were to add 19,000Kv motors, you would get bad oscillation which is another term for swinging or swaying making your drone not much fun to fly at all.

Black Inductrix Pro FPV uses a different Betaflight board which is fully compatible with the included 19,000Kv very fast motors.

If you own the yellow FPV Inductrix, which is still one of the most popular because it looks so darn cute. Adding faster 17,000Kv motors is a nice upgrade. It really wakes up this little drone and is a blast to fly around.

When it comes to 17,000Kv motors for the Tiny Whoops, there are a several choices.

Lumenier and several other offer some a nice Micro Brushed Motor that at 17,000Kv are faster than stock. This will really perk up performance on your Blade Inductrix

Tiny Whoop sells a Special Sauce Edition motor which is 17,300Kv and they come in a cool red color. They throw in some cool stickers and some candy in each order.

Bee Drone Motors which run even faster at 17,400Kv can also be found on eBay and come in black chrome.

And these brushed motor also cost a little less than stock Inductrix motors and will really wake up your tiny whoop. They are plug and play with a micro JST 1.25 power cable.

Rakonheli JST 2.0 HV Battery Connector

It all depends on what you want, if you want the biggest smile factor when flying outdoors, get either the Tiny Whoop or some 17,000Kv motors. But if you want a little longer flight time the Purple Chrome Lumenier is a also a good choice.

Any of these motors are cheaper and a faster option than what comes to buying stock replacement motors from Blade.

Any brushed motor only has a life span of 5-6 hours. So if you do a lot of flying, it will only be a matter of time before you need to replace your motors so it won't hurt to have a spare set or two on hand.

Upgraded Batteries and Connector Cables

Rakonheli JST 2.0 HV Connector

Along with faster more powerful motors you will want to get higher capacity batteries than what came with your Inductrix.

205 or 210 mAh batteries are a good option for power to weight. One of the best batteries right now for Tiny Whoops is the Lumenier Blade 205Mah 1s, either in micro JST 1.25 or JST 2.0 HV.

You can buy larger batteries but then they start adding more weight. So the gains you may get in longer seconds of flight time come with a performance penalty.

Don't forget to replace your micro JST connector after about 10 to 15 flights on the stock connector. This makes a huge difference in longer flight times.

For max performance, power and flight time, upgrade your power cable and batteries to JST 2.0 connectors. The micro JST 1.25 one included with the motors from Craze Pony had tiny wires. These JST 2.0 Battery Connectors from Rakonheli are much nicer.

Half the fun is working and modding these tiny quads. Once you set yours up with the right parts, it will perform better and fly longer than what you got it from the factory.

These aftermarket motors install differently than the blade motors. Do yourself a favor and check out the proper way to install them in our Inductrix Tiny Whoop Mod Guide. So you won't need to install the twice.

Then have Fun and Whoop On!


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