Friday, June 25, 2021

FAA's TRUST Test Required in the U.S. All Drone Operators Must Pass

FAA's TRUST Test and Drone Registration Now Required in the U.S. All Drone Operators Must Pass if Your Drone Weighs more than .55 lbs.


The FAA has been trying to get a handle on drones for quite a long time now. Their latest rules require that any person operating a drone inside the U.S. must now register their drones. They must also take a simple online TRUST Test which comes with a certificate upon successful passing.

This is now a requirement for all drone pilots, and a law enforcement officer can stop you and ask to see your certificate.

What Does the FAA TRUST Test and Certification Program Comprise Of?

TRUST is really nothing more than a safety instruction course for flying drones. It outlines basic rules of the sky for drone pilots. The test itself is free, and the entire process takes about 32 minutes to complete the course and pass the test. It will work from a web browser and it's mobile device friendly.

The best part is the test itself is almost impossible to fail. The test itself comprises of multiple-choice questions, and if you miss a question, you immediately get to retake the question over again until you pass. So when it's done, everyone will get 100%.

Private organisations administer the test, here's the complete list where you can take your FAA TRUST test and receive a certificate online.

All drone pilots must complete this if you fly commercially or even recreationally. The only exception is if your drone weighs less than .55 lbs. So tiny whoop owners can still buzz the friendly sky indoors or out as long as their whoops are under the weight limit.

When you visit the FCC link above, it will give you a list of websites of different organizations who are offering the test online. The first thing you need to when starting the UAS Safety Test is to enter your name. You'll want to provide your real name because this is the name that will be on the certificate when you're finished.

Important Rules for Flying Drones Recreationally

These rules will be on the test.

1. Fly under 400 feet in uncontrolled airspace.
2. Always avoid interfering with real aircraft.
3. Keep your drone in line of sight.
4. Don't fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
5. Don' inter-fear with law enforcement events.
6. Register your drone unless it weighs less than .55 lbs.
7. Have your drones marked with your registration ID.
8. Don't fly your drone in restricted airspace.

If you don't fly a larger size drone, you don't need to comply. But if your drone weighs more than .55 lbs, take the FAA TRUST course now, and get your free certificate.

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