Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ultimate Tiny Whoop Battery Charger

Ultimate Tiny Whoop Battery Charger

1S LiPo Battery USB Charger 3.7V/4.20V 6 Channel 1S LiPo Charger Tiny Whoop Blade Inductrix Micro JST 1.25 JST-PH 2.0 mCX mCPX Connectors

A really easy way to charge multiple Tiny Whoop battery sizes from a single USB port

Tiny Whoop Battery Charger

If you really get into flying Tiny Whoops it won't be long before you end up collecting several different models. Along with this will be a nice collection of batteries for your Whoops which may not all use the same battery connector.

If you checked out our Blade Inductrix mods page, one of the best mods you can do is replace your small and inefficient Micro JST battery connector to your control board and also upgrade your batteries to those that have more powerful JST-PH 2.0 connectors.

This gives you better current flow to your motors for more performance plus it can also help extend your flight times considerably.

Once this is done, you will also need a new battery charger that is capable of charging JST-PH 2.0 batteries. If you already own one of the more expensive and excellent universal battery chargers like the UP240AC Plus Quad 4 Port Balancing Battery Charger.

Along with a JST-PH 2.0 parallel battery charging board like this one. You won't really need one of these. Although, these small USB chargers sure are super handy to take along with you on the road especially if your car has a USB port built in.

Plus now most any motel you stay in these days already have USB connectors built into lamps or wall outlets to let you charge your phones.

To be able to use these same USB ports to charge your Tiny Whoop batteries is a huge benefit as you can leave your larger more expensive charger at home.

If you want to get a couple of these inexpensive USB Tiny Whoop battery chargers, you can find them here at at a great price on eBay.


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