Monday, May 13, 2019

Radio Settings For Inductrix Tiny Whoop

Having a hard time flying your Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop? These radio settings will have you flying like a pro in no time

If this is your first time flying a RC quad copter you may be having a hard time with the default radio settings. 

Here are some settings that you can use for setting up your Spektrum radio transmitter that will tame things down a bit and still let you have a great deal of fun.

Blade Inductrix
If you are still flying with the tiny toy controller, you will want to get a real RC radio with customizable settings as soon as possible.

A good radio transmitter to start out with is the Spektrum 9 channel DX9. You can find them now pretty cheap and the DX9 let you use fully customizable settings and pretty much fly any RC aircraft up to 9 channels.

And this makes it so much nicer to fly your Inductrix Tiny Whoop. Plus this radio alone will make you a better pilot than the RTF radios that are included which fly terrible. 

Because unlike less expensive radios the DX9 has much smoother ball bearing gimbals (sticks) that make controlling your tiny drone or any RC plane or Helicopter so much easier.

Spektrum radios are easy to program and once you have it setup, you can easily change settings at any time.

All Spektrum radios are fully bind-n-fly ready. To bind your quad copter, all you do is plug the battery into your quad. Once the battery is plugged in and you see the LED begin blinking, hold down the bind button down on your Spektrum radio and turn it on.

After the radio has fully started release the button. The blinking LED on your Inductrix should stop blinking and turn solid. This tells you your Inductrix has successfully bound to your Radio.

Next time you fly and once you have it bound, always power on your Spektrum radio first before plugging in the battery connector to your drone.

Blade Inductrix pre-flight self calibration

Tip for Better Flying

All Blade helicopters and drones will go through a self calibration mode just prior to the blinking LED turning solid after you plug in the battery.

During this time, make sure you have it set on a completely level surface while the LED is blinking. If it is not level it will be much harder to fly right.  You need to do this every time you connect the battery.

You can use a small round circular bubble level and have a surface perfectly leveled where you can place your Blade Inductrix on while connecting the battery and it goes through its self-calibration mode.

Something else that the cheap controller is missing is a timer. The built-in timer comes in very handy to help you know when to bring your Inductrix close to home avoiding a crash before the battery dies and the flight controller kicks in and  your quad drops out of the sky like a rock.

It can be setup to give you a warning beep at one minute left and at 10 second intervals during the last 30 seconds.

Setting Up Your Inductrix on a Spektrum Radio Transmitter

Here are the radio settings that will help you learn how to fly your Inductrix Tiny Whoop much easier.

Blade Inductrix Pro

AIL 20
ELE 35
RUD 20


AIL 50%
ELE 70%
RUD 100%

Throttle Curve 


If you want to get maximum enjoyment out of your Blade Inductrix, you really need to get yourself a proper DX radio and set it up as shown. They you will be able to fly your tiny quads or any RC aircraft so much better.


  1. Is there throttle curve on a DX6i?

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