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The drone market is expected to be a billion dollar industry over the next few years!

In the last few years, consumer radio controlled drones exploded from a niche product found only in hobby stores, to something that can now be found in the electronics section of your local Walmart and other major department stores.

Drones have become mass produced and the prices have fallen dramatically. Now anyone for well under a hundred dollars can easily find a fun and easy to fly drone, that is still well built and will last for a long time and provide many hours of entertainment.

One such drone that is sweeping the drone community by storm is the Blade Inductrix. It comes in several variants and can be found with or without a camera built in. Their  FPV and Pro model come with a camera already installed onboard. The Inductrix is a drone that you can very easily fly indoors and will make drone simulators seem like a thing of the past.

Inductrix Tiny Whoops

If you have ever bought a cheap or even expensive quadcopter drone in the past and had trouble learning to fly, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these bad boys and you will soon have the most fun you ever had flying a drone.

The Inductrix flies really well especially indoors and even outdoors when the wind is mild.

Here are some really great mods for the Blade Inductrix that will help increase flight time

If you already have a DSMX capable Radio, you can buy a bind and fly version without a camera which is recommended for new drone pilots. This is just something less to break while learning.

Mods are plentiful so you can even add a small camera later should you ever want to get into super fun and exciting world of FPV along with other tweaks like higher performance batteries, connectors and motors.

FPV stands for first person view and this is like sitting in the cockpit of your drone. A small video monitor which is attached to your drone transmits the video feed to FPV goggles you wear and it gives you a birds eye few while you are buzzing through your home or flying around outside.

Because these tiny quads are so easy to fly, you will soon master the basics and become a competent drone pilot. It's so much better to learn how to master a $50 Blade Inductrix, before dropping a grand on a DJI Mavic Pro camera drone.

Flight Time

The biggest let down for these tiny drones is flight time. By modifying power connectors and using larger batteries, many owners have increased flight times to over 5 minutes. Be sure to have plenty of batteries and allow the motors time to cool between flights for maximize life and you will yourself a blast with your tiny whoop.

Own an Inductix or Tiny Whoop Drone?  Please share what you have you done to make yours better...

Thursday, May 31, 2018

What Is Return To Hong Kong Mode?

Fly a drone long enough and you may one day experience what many jokingly refer to as Return To Hong Kong Mode

Return To Hong Kong mode is what some believe is a special firmware routine that is deeply embedded in a drone's operating code by the manufacturer.

When this code is executed at random, you could happily be flying your drone then all of a sudden it decides to take on a mind of it's own and flies far away and often it is gone forever. Some believe it flies back to Hong Kong only to be sold once again so the cycle can repeat itself.

While we know this is an urban myth, and drones really don't fly back to Hong Kong, it's still a sickening and painful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you lose sight of your favorite drone as it's flying far away. The pain felt when experiencing a flyaway drone is directly proportional to the dollar value of your drone, the more your drone costs, the more it hurts.

Some drone pilots may have even been unfortunate enough to experience Return to Hong Kong Mode more than once. This can even cause a seasoned pilot to give up flying expensive camera drones for good.

Five Things That Can a Drone to Flyaway

1. Electronic Interference often found in large urban areas with plenty of WiFi devices can act like a signal jammer and it can cause your drone to lose contact with your radio transmitter.

2. Improper Home Point Setting can often be overlooked and even though more expensive drones like DJI have better technology to prevent flyaways, if you mistakenly set a previous home point and don't update it a new location it can cause an issue.

3. Metal Structures often can be a source of magnetic disruption. Flying to close to these objects can sometimes cause problems for pilots that like to skirt the line.

4. Flying Behind Obstacles where you lose full sight of your drone is not a good idea, if your drone has obstacle avoidance this can be a big plus. Otherwise, make sure to fly at an altitude that's higher than any nearby trees or buildings.

5. Flying Out of Radio Range when your drone low signal alert is screaming at you and you want to just fly a little further for that perfect shot. It's not worth losing your drone over, pay attention to your warnings and abort your mission and your drone will live to fly another day.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever experienced Return to Hong Kong Mode and had a drone flyaway. If you have, we truly can empatize with you and do know your pain.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nvidia SHIELD Powerful Parrot Drone Controller

SHIELD Portable Powerful Parrot Drone Controller

If you are using your cell phone or tablet to control your drone, you may be missing out on a powerful Android gaming device that not only can do a better job, it's powerful WiFi controller can help your drone fly even further.

Using a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 the Parrot team was able to fly this drone 610 feet (186 meters) in the air. While streaming video back in full 720p!

SHIELD Portable Controller Parrot AR.2.0

Project Shield uses a full open Android OS and it includes console grade controls. Also included, D-Pad controls, two analog sticks, buttons, and side triggers. With the AR.Freeflight app on your SHIELD portable, you will have full access to control a Parrot Drone.

The SHIELD Portable features a Tegra 4 along with a retina-quality 5-inch screen. This will give you a great view from your drone mounted camera. The game quality sticks will make flying your drone easy.

Controlling your drone with the sticks is so much nicer than using your finger on a touch screen tablet or phone because your screen remains completely unobstructed.

Here's What You Will Need

If you have a Nvidia SHIELD Portable,  download the AR.FreeFlight software for your Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 drone.

If you don't yet own one,  this is where to find both the SHIELD portable and the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Drone for a great price.

The SHEILD Portable controller also works with the Yuneec Breeze. This is a Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K video camera on board.

Upgrade your Flight Time

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 comes stock with a 1,000mAh battery that gives you approxamately 8-10 minutes of flight time. You can extend this flight time to about 18-20 minutes with an 1,800mAh battery you can buy on Amazon for the Parrot AR. 2.0 Drone.

Parrot Drone Controller
Limitations: Don't exceed the range of your WiFi. If you fly the Parrot past the range of your SHIELD controller's WiFi, you may crash or worse yet, have it fly completly away and you may lose it.

While this will not hurt as badly as losing a $500 or $1000 DJI drone, which by the way have also been known to fly away. Or as some like to say, activate their built in "Return to Hong Kong Mode." It still hurts when you lose one. Both financially and also to your ego.

The SHIELD Portable is a great controller that will help you fly your Parrot drone really well. Plus it can do double duty as a great portable gaming device and streaming platform for watching movies, TV shows from Hulu, Netflix and more on the go.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

RC RADIO Spektrum Vs Futaba Vs Frsky Vs Hitec

RC RADIO Shootout for 2018 - Spektrum Vs Futuba Vs Frsky Vs HiTec

These are some of the best high end RC Radio Transmitters you can buy

A reliable RC Radio Transmitter is really one of the most important things you can own when it comes to launching your expensive RC Helicopter or Plane into the sky and keeping it from crashing down.

There is nothing worse than having spent many hours building an expensive plane or helicopter than to take it out into the field and have it fall out of the sky from a bad radio signal.

Thankfully RC Radio technology is better than ever. Choosing a brand name quality radio transmitter can prevent costly crashes or fly aways later on.  Let's have a look at some of the most popular selling models from Spektrum, Futuba, Frsky and HiTec.

Each company makes a wide range of models, we will only look at from inexpensive to some you may need to get a small loan to afford. When you move up the model ladder you are paying for smoother high quality ball bearing gambles, better cases and more channels.

A more expensive radio with smoother sticks can make you a better pilot. But it won't take the place of many hours spent actually honing your flying skills.

Let's have a look at some of the best transmitters available and how they compare. We will show you which RC radios are the best for 2018

Spektrum Radio

The Spektrum RC Radios have not been around as long as Futuba, but they really have some good things going for them and many RC Pilots are quite happy with them.

They offer intuitive easy to use software, quality hardware in their upper line models and the their easy bind and fly setup works great with many popular Horizon RC planes and helicopters available everywhere.

Best RC Radios Futuba Vs Spektrum
Spektrum DX20

Spektrum DX20 20-Channel DSMX Transmitter with AR9020

This is the best radio Spektrum makes and it's a beauty! 
Besides the beautiful Carbon fiber case it also features, 

Additional Features

  • Machined-aluminum, quad-bearing gimbals
  • Ergonomic leather side grips
  • 20 fully-proportional channels
  • 250-model memory

Futuba Radio

Many of you that have been flying for a long time have probably grown up with Futuba. They are a Japanese company that has been around since 1948 and to this day they still make some very nice quality RC Radios.

While not as universal as Spektrum, Futaba Radios continue to be extremely popular especially with custom builders of high-end RC planes and helicopters.

Their 10 channel 10JS computer telemetry-capable radio has excellent build quality and while it may not be quite as easy to program as Spektrum,  it is still a very popular alternative for RC helicopter, glider and airplane pilots.

Programming a Spektrum Radio is still easier, but Futuba has made some advances in their programable radios in the last few years and they have become more intuitive and easier to program.

While not bind-n-fly, you can easily control the larger DJI quads as long as you install the included Futuba receiver.

Best RC Radios Futuba Vs Spektrum
Futuba 18SZA

Futaba 18SZA 18-Channel FASST

This is the top ready made by Futuba, and it is also a very nicely made and serious piece of RC hardware.

It also features more expensive quad-bearing with precise stick control. Flying your RC plane, helicopter or drone with a  higher end radio will make you a much better pilot.

This radio also has a long list of features.

Additional Features
  • Data editor for S.Bus programming
  • 15 character user and model naming
  • Sub trims
  • Servo reversing
  • End point adjustment
  • Data resets
  • Battery fail safe
  • Servo speed adjustment
  • AFR D/R
  • AFR curve mode (3)
  • AFR curve point (17 points)
  • Programmable mixing
  • Throttle cut
  • Idle down
  • Logic switches
  • User menu
  • Servo monitor
  • Up/Down timer (2)
  • System timer
  • Model timer
  • Throttle stick alarm
  • Rubber hand grips
  • Backlight adjustment
  • Calibration
  • Alarm voltage
  • Alarm vibrator
  • Auto power off
  • Range check
  • Dual receiver setup

Read Reviews and buy on Amazon

Frsky Taranis Radio

Frsky is a Chinese manufacturer of lower cost RC radio transmitters. Unlike the pricer made in Japan Futuba radios, they are competing quite successfully in the lower range market segment. While they still are not as popular as some of the other larger players they do make some pretty decent hardware that won't break the bank.

Their highest end best model is half the cost of a top of the line radio from Futuba or Spektrum.  Their design may also be a little unconventional. But they do have some loyal fans and their radios do work as designed.

Best RC Radios Spektrum Vs FrSky
FrSky X12S

FrSky Horus X12S Radio

The X12S is FrSky's best radio and it has some nice features as well. We really like their CNC 6 ball bearings gimbals with accuracy Hall effect sensors and extensible by stick ends. Hall effect sensors eliminate mechanical switches so they are more accurate and are very durable.

Additional Features

  • Full telemetry and real-time data logging
  • 6 position encoder for easier flight modes switch
  • Integrated GPS module and Inbuilt 6-axis sensor (3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerator)
  • Internal and external antenna selectable

Read Reviews and buy on Amazon

Hitec RCD Radio 

Probably best known for their high end Aurora 9. This is their "pure digital" 2.4GHz system that gives you a fully "connected" feeling.

This radio has a large backlit 5.1 inch touch screen display with 30 Model memory, easy assignable switches and fully customizable programming menus. The Aurora 9 is a true 3 in 1 radio.

Best RC Radios
Hitec Aurora 9

Hitec Aurora 9, 2.4GHz Transmitter

This is one of the most affordable higher end radios with some great features for the price. It also offers very sensetive 8-ball bearing gimbals with adjustable tension.

We find it ironic that the lower priced radios offer more ball-bearings then in some of the more expensive models. 

This lower cost  top of the line Hitec model is a very decent radio transmitter for the money and will also make you a much better pilot versus the cheap radios that come with many bind-n-fly kits.

Additional Features

  • AFHSS 2.4GHz / PPM / PCM Compatible
  • Easy to Read 5.1 Inch Wide Backlit Touch Screen
  • Customizable Menus
  • Fully Assignable Control Switch, Knob, Stick and Digital Trims
  • Highly Sensitive 8 Ball-Bearing Gimbals with Adjustable Tension

No matter which RC radio you buy, you won't go wrong with any one of these. They all over some great features along with great gimbals for ultra precision, and outstanding aerial maneuvers.

If you can afford it, both the Spektrum and Futuba offer the best software and top of the line quality hardware. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Frsky or especially the bargain priced Hitec Aurora 9 compared to the rest.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Meow Mode Blade Inductrix Plus FPV

Blade Inductrix FPV Plus RTF Is Awesome

Blade has a new FPV Inductrix out and it fixed some of the shortcomings of their last FPV models

If you have a Blade Inductrix, you probably know that while it's an ok tiny whoop out of the box, it is made so much better with larger motors, a stronger frame and higher current 2.0 battery connectors.

Blade Inductrix Plus FPV RTV

How Cool Not To Do The Walk of Shame When You Crash?

It looks like Blade with their new Inductrix Plus Tiny Whoop, they pulled out all the stops. With a bright red canopy plus an added a feature that could prove to be quite useful. It's called Meow mode or for the more technical name "Flip Recovery Mode." Just like a cat that always lands on its feet, now when your Inductrix FPV lands on its back you just push a button and it flops right back on it's belly and away you go.

Induxtrix Plus (Red) : Height‎: ‎1.97 in (50mm) Width‎: ‎3.9 in (100mm) Length‎: ‎3.9 in (100mm)
Induxtrix FPV (Yellow) : Height‎: ‎1.10 in (28mm) Width‎: ‎3.2 in (83mm) Length‎: ‎3.2 in (83mm)

Larger 2.0 Battery

Inductrix Plus RTF FPV
The larger 2.0 battery also helps this drone get longer four to six minute flight times. Much nicer than the two to three minute flight times their yellow FPV Inductrix would get unless you did some mods like adding larger batteries and connectors.

One thing you will notice right off, is the hot looking Ferrari red canopy and more streamlined and compact antenna. Instead of just a floppy wire hanging out like on their last few Inductrix quads, the antenna on the red FPV Inductrix looks very nicely finished and compact.

DVR Monitor

This model comes with the Radio and is ready to fly. It also includes a nice Spektrum 4.3" Monitor and has a DVR feature so you even record your flights to an SD card.

Video Transmitter and LED Display

Included is a 32 channel, 25Mw video transmitter, dipole antenna, and a 600 tvl camera with a 140° field of view. The small display is also included and mounts to your transmitter via a bracket.

Beginners will find this setup much easier to use than the googles which can actually cause motion sickness in some people until they get used to them. Sitting down can actually help with this.

8MM Motors Rock!

While this tiny whoop is a little larger and the high performance 8MM motors are still brushed rather than brushless. Their larger size makes this Inductrix fly very nice with added agility and performance especially outdoors.

Tri Color LEDs

The the onboard LEDs can provide useful information both for the 3 flight modes and also to show how much life is left in your batteries so you know when it's time to land. Much nicer than the yellow FPV Inductrix which just fell out of the sky when the batteries got low.

Ready To Fly Transmitter

The ready to fly version comes with the typical cheap Blade radio transmitter. If you already own a decent Spektrum radio like the DX8 which has smooth high quality ball bearing gimbals, you will find flying this Inductrix or any quadcopter so much easier. Your skills will be instantly and greatly improved.

This quadcopter is larger and offer some great improvements. We loved everything about it except it comes at a higher price. The props could have fit a little tighter, although we used the same trick as on our yellow Inductrix. A piece of floss against the shaft keeps them on much tighter.

TIP: An even better trick to keep your props from coming off is to take a small paper clip and lightly coat the end with a little supper glue, put the prop on and spin it around. Then take it off, set it aside and let it dry before you attach it to your motor. Repeat with the remaining 3 props. This will make them nice and tight and keep them a little more balanced than the floss trick.

With everything that's included, the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus RTF is a nice step up for those looking for something a little larger and more powerful to fly both indoors and outside.

Inductrix Plus Upgrades and Parts

Inductix Plus - RTF FPV Complete Kit with everything you need.  Buy it on Amazon

Spare Motors - BETAFPV 8x20mm 15000KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW) with JST-1.25 Connector for Blade Inductrix FPV Plus Only. Learn more

Frame Red - Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Upgrade Kit (8mm Motor) (Red) - Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

Frame Black - Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Upgrade Kit (8mm Motor) (Black) - Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

Frame Orange - Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Upgrade Kit (8mm Motor) (Orange) - Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

Frame Delrin - Rakonheli CNC Delrin Carbon Upgrade Kit (8mm Motor) - Blade Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

40MM Props - 4-blade Micro Whoop Propellers with 1.0mm Shaft for Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

Batteries - Crazepony 2pcs 550mAh 1S HV 3.8V LiPo Battery 50C JST-PH 2.0 PowerWhoop mCPX Connector for Inductrix FPV Plus. Learn more

Friday, December 29, 2017

BETAFPV Micro Whoop Drone Storage Hard Case

BETAFPV Micro Whoop Best 65mm 75mm FPV Drone Hard Shell Case

Protect your Tiny Whoop Drones with A Durable Case

Safely Transport Your Tiny Whoops with a Nice Quality Hard Case

The BETAFPV Micro Whoop hard shell case is the perfect way to store, transport and protect 2 of your favorite tiny whoops. It is one of the nicest affordable cases on the market. It is features a very durable outer layer and soft foam on the inside to protect you tiny drones from damage.

Unlike other lower cost cases, this case is still affordable and also features a nice lock to keep your small children or pets from using your Tiny Whoops as chew toys.

Case measures 220mm/8.66", 100mm/3.95", and 170mm/6.69"

This case will easily fit and protect 2 small FPV drones measuring 65mm or 75mm plus have extra room for up to 36 batteries. This case is not large enough to protect standard size radio transmitter unless it is one of the inexpensive type that typically comes with Blade Bind-N-Fly models.

For a nice protective case for your expensive Radio Transmitter, these cases will work better.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Best Tiny Drones With Cameras

Tiny drones with cameras are one of the hottest things right now in the RC world. The FPV Tiny Whoop trend started to become crazy popular during mandatory FAA Drone registration for larger drones over 8 ounces. This is no longer in effect after a recent court victory. You can read more about this here.

Just starting out with drones? A Tiny Whoop like the Blade Inductrix is a great way to learn how to fly without risking a large investment in cash in case you crash. These miniature drones will teach you all the basics of FPV and line of sight flying. In fact, they are really one of the easiest RC aircraft to learn how to fly. When it comes time mod, and you will want to mod them with a few aftermarket parts to greatly maximize performance.

You can fly these small drones easily inside your house and really improve your RC pilot skills. Even outside when the weather is nice and there isn't a lot of wind tiny drones are a ton of fun to fly. The Tiny Whoop has pretty much replaced our fight simulator because flying the real thing is just way more fun.

Tiny Whoops are built super strong and with their ducted propellers so they can take plenty of abuse as well. You will spend way more time flying than fixing your drone. Plus they are very quiet and safe so you won't disturb or injure family members or pets by flying them indoors. If you fly RC planes, flying a drone will help your enhance your skills with radio controlled planes and also with RC helicopters as well.

The biggest disappointment about these tiny drone is their flight time is not as long as the larger drones. Batteries typically last for only three or four minutes. But this is easily overcome by having a couple of spares or getting some more powerful batteries to use instead.

Warning, tiny drones can be addicting, so don't be surprised if you find you will have collected several of these before you know it.

Best Tiny Whoop Camera Drone

Our favorite is the Blade Inductrix Pro if you want to do FPV flying. If is built on a little more durable frame than the yellow Inductrix FPV. It only costs just a little more and is a little lighter and uses more powerful motors.

Many Inductrix drone owners, end up replacing their battery connector after about twenty flights because they start noticing their flight time dropping. Here are a few Inductrix mods you can do that will keep you from having to use your skills to solder a new connector to the tiny flight controller.

Best Micro Camera Drones Blade Inductrix FPV Pro

Blade Inductrix FPV Pro
 - Great for learning basic controls and line of sight or FPV flying.
 - Blast to fly indoors or outside.
 - Durable construction and not much to break. Frames on this drone are reinforced and stronger than their other two models so they will take constant pounding but the frame only costs $8 should you need to replace one.
 - Props are protected so safe to fly anywhere and you almost never damage props.

Here is a great little case that will protect your tiny whoop and hold up to 6 batteries, your USB charger and more.

Best Mods for Tiny Drones with FPV Cameras

  • Batteries
If you buy any of the tiny Whoops you will soon wish for more flight time. Buying larger batteries than the 200 mAh which are standard with the FPV Inductrix Pro  will help give a little more flight time and more performance from your camera drone.

Some of the more popular ones come in sizes of 230 mAh, 250 mAh and are sold by Crazypony on Amazon. These batteries will typically last much longer than your motors which can also be upgraded to faster ones as well.

  • Motors
High performance motors can make a huge difference in performance and add zip to your tiny drone. Upgrade your motors and you will notice much quicker response and handling. Make sure you don't exceed your flight controller's capability. These 17500KV motors will work fine with they yellow stock Inductrix flight controller. Any faster and you can cause unwanted vibration and you would need to step up to an Inductrix Pro model with its advanced flight controller to take full advantage of these even higher performance Apex 19600KV motors.

Tiny drones with cameras are becoming very popular. Transform your tiny camera drone from mild to wild with just a few simple upgrades and maximize your fun factor many times over.